High Tide

The water level wasn’t this high for Hurricane Sandy.  I can’t really account for it, although the weather forecast included flood warnings.  A low pressure system blew through today bringing rain and falling temperatures.  And an unusually high tide.

This is the closest I'll ever come to walking on water.

This is the closest I’ll ever come to walking on water.

My wife woke me up this morning concerned that our dinghy would float away at high water.  We were still 2.5 hours from the peak when I looked out, but the water was already at the pier stringers.  20 minutes later, the deck boards were awash.  I put on my Wellies and waded out to our dinghy and tied her off to a piling.

Now she won't float away.

Now she won’t float away.

I walked the piers and checked on the other boats, loosened one line to give a boat a little more slack as the water rose, then walked back to the house for a cup of coffee.  That was too much activity prior to coffee!


  1. s/v Eolian said:

    It was the low, combined with the king tides – we had it too

    • Yes, I thought of that later, after I had written the post. Low barometric pressure combine with a big tide.

  2. Paul L. said:

    Nice shots. Wish I were at the dock instead of raking leaves.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Raking leaves. Ugh. We collected no fewer than 50 big bags of leaves this year. And we’re not done. . . Merry Christmas to you too, Paul!

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