Trolling For Lost Items

A few weeks ago, when the tide was unusually low, I launched my dinghy, loaded my garden rake, and went dredging for my lost glasses.

Pretty much what I expected to find. . .

Pretty much what I expected to find. . .

No glasses found.  Not yet, anyway.  We may have a lower tide yet, and I may try again (glasses are expensive when you get old).  I did find a number of oyster shell halves – no live ones, though.



  1. Anonymous said:

    have had luck using a welding magnet from harbour, keys ect…nearly always recover more than I lost..might work on glasses??IMHO every boat should have a strong magnet and grapling hook!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. However, the glasses frame is titanium. If it has any magnetic response, it’s pretty weak.

  3. Jan Sopoci said:


    That’s why I always wear “Croakers” when on any boat!!!!

  4. That is, of course, a great idea. Absurdly, I have some and never use them. I can’t explain it. Perhaps if i dig them out of the draw in which they live, I’ll remember to use them when near the water – which is often, because our house is right on Rockhold Creek, or slip less than 50 yards away from our back door. So it’s a matter of habitual wear, I guess, that I need to establish.

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