Slip Sailing

You know what this. . .   You’re tied up in your slip, but you’ve raised your sails.  I’ve seen people do this after every sail and hose down the sails, leaving them up for a while to dry.  I have another reason today: a reefing line came unreeved from the upper grommet on the leech, and I needed to thread it back through.  It’s too confusing to do this with the sail down – I’ll get it wrong for sure, and pass it through the wrong way, or something like that.

Slip-sailing at it’s finest. We did actually leave the slip a few minutes later, but with the main furled.

I don’t know if I’m the only sailor that struggles with this:  a tangle of lines dangling from the ends of the boom, fore and aft.  Not so bad at the mast, as we don’t spend much time there.  But in the cockpit, all those loose ends just dance around our heads and shoulders.  I coil them and tie them off, but they always come loose again after a while.

Re-coiling the reefing lines. Again.

Maybe one of these days I’ll set up single-line reefing led to the cockpit.  That would clean up the dangling lines completely.  However, it’s a low priority at this point.

Okay. All the lines are cleaned up, and we’re on our way out to Herring Bay for an hour or so.

This photo is for you, Jan. I do have gloves, and I remembered them today.


  1. Jan Sopoci said:

    LOL…they look nice and “toasty”!

    • Just needed to demonstrate to you that I have them – and sometimes remember to put them on.!

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