Art Afloat

We keep squeaking out sailing days – glorious, sun-shiny, breezy sailing days – in the short day-lit hours of late autumn.  Typically we sail in the afternoon when the sun begins to cast that golden-yellow hue that colors the world brilliantly.  We bundle up to shoulder off cold and wind as the need requires, hoping that our first tack is with our backs in full sun to soak up as much radiant energy as the sun can give.  Our range into the bay is about 5 miles before we come about onto our reciprocal heading for a return to the marina.

As on most sailing days, Ruth brought her sketch book.  On this day she  dashed off a line drawing of me at the helm.

What’s the media here? Sepia pen in gloved hand on sketch paper.

I know, there’s no tiller in the picture – but don’t be so literal. It’s a drawing, after all.

My wife is a gracious soul – she drew me thinner than I really am!

About an hour into our sail and we’re getting chilled.  Time to come about and head for the harbor. The late-day sun makes everything glow, the shadows accentuating the contrast of light and dark. We turn up our collars against the wind’s new angle and forge back across the chop, back the way we came.

I love the light at this time of day. The yellow cast makes all the autumn leaves fluoresce, and highlights the sunward side of the houses.

And we’re not alone out here.  Several other sailors appreciate the incredible weather and brisk breezes.

Fellow sailors enjoying a brilliant sail

You can see more of Ruth’s art at and her most recent paintings at

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  1. Rick only lets me draw him if I don’t insist that he stay still. So, there’s no tiller in the picture because sometimes he used his hand on the tiller and sometimes he stabilized it with his foot, and I just caught him at different times and didn’t redraw over what I had already done.

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