Sailing on Borrowed Time

We’re getting in the last few day-sails of the year now, and I really do feel like we’re sailing on borrowed time.  I haul the boat in the first week of December, but we’re going to squeeze a little more sailing out of the year up to that point.  Today was so beautiful. . .

Here we are motoring out the creek into Herring Bay.  As you can see, the weather is clear, the sky and water reflecting blue.

We passed a lovely old yawl with wooden spars – a new resident on the creek – on our way out to open water.

I haven’t really checked her out yet. Looking forward to a dinghy excursion for a better look.

The weatherman called for 70 degrees today, but I don’t think we made it that far.  It was certainly colder on the water.  I was glad I wore my heavy fleece sweater, and wished I’d worn gloves.  It was 55 degrees on the water, winds 10-15 knots.  We were a little over-powered without a reef, but I let it go. Cay of Sea was moving well and I didn’t think the wind was going to build (it didn’t).  A number of other boaters had the same idea today – there was quite a bit of activity on the water.

A number of other sailboats out there today

This boat was moving along well, crew bundled up against the cool weather and strong breeze

We joined the parade of returning yachts late in the afternoon

Tied up in our slip afterwards. 8.5 nautical miles, 1.5 hours on the water. Great way to wrap up the day.





  1. Jan Sopoci said:


    Although I know the boat’s right out your back door, (so to speak), I’m surprised that you don’t keep some odds and ends like gloves on board, “just in case”.

    • I do keep jackets (float coat, actually) on board, and use them more often than you would think. But gloves would have been appreciated today.

      I didn’t think it was that cool, to be honest. But I should have known – mild and temperate on land means 10 degrees cooler on the water, and open to lots of wind.

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