An Old Trick

An old idea for keeping a cooling system from freezing, or helping an engine start in very cold weather is to put an incandescent light inside the hood.  The bulb generates quite a bit of heat, and while it’s not very much like having the engine in a heated space, it does ward off freezing temperatures.

Heat for my un-winterized engine

The weather has been unseasonably cold this fall and there are freeze warnings tonight and tomorrow. As Cay of Sea is still in the water and un-winterized, I’ve adopted this old method for keeping the engine above 32 degrees.

I don’t think there is much danger of damage from early morning freezes, as the water temperature is hovering around 50f.  But I’d rather take conservative measures and not worry.  I think the water and sanitation systems will be fine with temps near 32 overnight and daily warm-ups.  There are just a couple days of this, and we’re back to 50s during the day, and low 40s over night.

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