November Sailing

It wasn’t too cold today.  Ruth and I both wore warm clothes and gloves, but when we left the pier the temp was 50 degrees f.  I finally finished putting the boat back together following Hurricane Sandy (no damage – just reassembly from storm prep), and we cast off the lines at about 1500.  Standard Time gives us light at 1500 that is low on the horizon and yellow-gold in hue.  As the afternoon wears on, it only gets nicer.

The light was spectacular late this afternoon

We tacked across Herring Bay with the sun on our backs at first.  In the chill it felt good.  We came about after a couple of miles, putting the sun on the other side of the boat.  Less cozy, but still beautiful.  We were starting to get cold as the temperature dropped toward sunset.

Looking north, the sun on our backs

Dusk approaches

The colors in the sky seem impossible to capture or duplicate. The shading is so subtle.

Okay, we’ve been sailing 1.5 hours and we’re starting to get cold.  Though my jacket is open in this photo, I zipped it up as we turned toward the creek and our home slip.

Forgot to take the line off the bimini cover. Note the stylish socks.

Ball cap and hoodie – it’s warmer this way

We made it back to the pier at 1700, tying up under the fluorescent sky.  Nice to have the boat operational again – these afternoon sails are restorative.

Final view before we walked to the house.

  1. rick tara said:

    I am jealous. I just winterized it this week end.

    • I’m not far behind you, Rick. I’ll haul out first week of December.

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