High Water in the Wake of Sandy

High Tide an inch or two above the piers

Hurricane Sandy pushed lots of water around the east coast.  Lower Manhattan seems to have got the worst of the flooding:  streets inundated, subway tunnels filled.  However, Deale, Maryland suffered only (sort of) high winds and high water after the fact.  By Tuesday the storm was passed, but we had a spring tide on top of southerly winds which drove the water level above the piers.

As you can see in the photos, the scene is surreal.  Fortunately, there was no damage.  Winds gusted to 50 mph here, but we are on a very sheltered, narrow tributary – a natural low spot in the topography. The strongest winds were in the tree tops.  It was more moderate down at the creek level.

You needed your waders on this tide

The boats look strange riding this high above the piers

Cay of Sea beyond the forest of pilings. Finger piers awash.

Life on the water. To the left of that bulkhead, just up the rise, is our house, our dinghy tied to the hand rail of our water-side entry door.  We’re about 7 feet above the water level in this photo.

We are still thanking God for safety and survival.  This could have been much worse.

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