Cruising Plans Cancelled

I planned (and still plan) to reassemble Cay of Sea’s anchor platform today, having completed my goals for refinishing and deck sealing.  The ultimate goal was to get another over-night on board in one of our semi-local favorite anchorages.  Late-season cruising is beautiful on the Chesapeake, especially as we are at the peak of autumn color right now.

However, Hurricane Sandy and an early season winter storm have altered our plans.  Forecasts call for Sandy making landfall on Monday evening, just in time to converge with the nor’easter that’s going to blow in from the mid-west.  Weather forecasters are predicting a super-perfect storm worse than what we saw in 1991.  Here’s a link to NWS Philadelphia’s severe weather warning:  NWS Philly.

We could actually make our over-night without bumping into a hurricane or a nor’easter, returning on Saturday as we had planned.  But that would short-change my prep time for the storm – remember, we live on the water.  I’ve got stuff to do:  Lay in supplies to survive a few days without power, secure the property so that damage is minimized, prepare the boat for bad weather.

Tomorrow’s forecast also calls for morning fog in this area.  I don’t mind fog, but I do mind how other boaters operate their vessels in fog.  I won’t move if the fog is thick.  It just isn’t worth the risk of getting run down by a heedless boater.  So rather than being stuck for hours in the fog, then pressing home at a less-than-leisurely-pace, I think we’ll just stay home this weekend.  There will be a few more nice days to cruise before we haul out in early December.

  1. Jan Sopoci said:


    That sounds like a smart plan! I was just thinking about you, and wondered what effect the storm might have. It sounds like it’ll be a doozey!

    • Jan, I think it will be worse for folks farther north. I think they’ll get unseasonable snow and blizzard conditions. We’ll get some strong winds, but looking at the path of the storm and judging form the last storm we had (Sept 2011), I think Rockhold Creek is going to have very low water, as the winds blow from NW (we’ll be on the western side of the storm) and will push the water out of the creek. But it’s difficult to predict, so we’ll have extra mooring lines, and I’ll strip the boat for high winds. Fortunately, Rockhold Creek is one of the best hurricane holes on this part of the coast, so we’re confident that all will be well.

  2. Bob said:

    Excellent plan Rick – and looking better by the day.

    s/v Eolian

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