Rehab Anchor Platform Part II (and project creep)

Part II of this project includes routing out deck core from the bolt holes and potting them with thickened epoxy.  Again, this is a step I should have done last year when I installed the platform initially.  Fortunately, I sealed the bolt holes with straight epoxy, and bedded the platform really well with Life Caulk, so there was no water damage to the deck core.

Here are the mounting holes from above, potted with thickened epoxy.  As the epoxy cured, it shrank, leaving a bit of a divot.

The stemhead fitting is a big, fat aluminum casting. Three of the mounting holes are drilled through it. The other two are just behind it. If you look closely, you can see the epoxy filling.

Since the holes will be drilled out again anyway, the epoxy shrink has no effect on the final product.  I used my Dremel to drill out the core.  There is a specialized bit that makes this easy.

Dremel Bit #115. It allows removal of the core in an area larger than the hole.

This is a tool that allows removal of core material greater than the circumference of the deck penetration.  Then when the hole is filled with thickened epoxy, the epoxy extends between the deck skins farther than the hole would allow normally.  See Compass Marine for detailed information on this technique and many other excellent tutorials on boat repair projects.

This is the underside of the mounting holes. The tape kept thickened epoxy from running out.

With tape removed. That’s a really long reach for me. . . Difficulty compounded by the fact that once my arm is through the anchor compartment far enough, there is no way to see what I’m reaching for.

All that remains on this part of the project is redrilling the holes and mounting the platform.  Not too hard, but there is a moment or two of anxiety with each bolt as I reach into the anchor rode compartment and feel my way to the ends of the bolts one-handed.  Then threading the nuts one-handed, bolts covered with sealant – and no way to see any of it.  It take a while.

Project creep

Well, as long as I’m into the varnish, right?  May as well get an extra coat or two on the swash boards, tiller, and hiking stick.

Today was a perfect day for varnish. Temps just reached 70, low humidity, little wind.

From the other end

Tiller and hiking stick

This is varnish coat #4 on the anchor platform.






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