Fall Project: Refinish and Rebed Anchor Platform

Last fall I designed and installed an anchor platform, realizing after installation that I’d cut corners on two steps:

1.  The final finish wasn’t nearly thick enough.  Only three coats of varnish.  As it is constructed of red oak, a strong but rot-prone material, I should have sealed it with two to three coats of epoxy, then 6-8 coats of varnish.

2.  I sealed the deck mounting holes with neat epoxy, which I am confident has prevented any water intrusion into the deck core, but this isn’t really sufficient.  I should have over-sized the holes, and filled them with thickened epoxy, then re-drilled them the correct size.  Doing this will ensure that the surrounding core never gets wet, and that the deck structure itself is incompressible.

Fortunately, the half-measures I took last fall did offer some protection, and I have only to strip the platform, bleach with oxalic acid, then refinish.  I will also pot the mounting holes in the platform itself for a complete seal.

This project is slated for 14-19 October, while my wife is out-of-town.  I was tempted to do some solo cruising while she was gone, and it still sounds attractive, but this project re-do is important and time-consuming, so I will hopefully have it finished by the time she returns so that we can do some mid-autumn cruising.

  1. Jan Sopoci said:


    It looks pretty darn spiffy!!! Nice work! Any chance of a better side view shot showing the “rollers” at the front?


    • I don’t have one at the moment, Jan. When I redo the project I’ll post many more photos and get a good shot of the roller assembly.

      • Jan Sopoci said:

        Cool!!! I’ll be waiting to see how it turns out! (I’m sure that you’ll do your usual outstanding job).

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