Live-Aboard Sailor at the Mercy of BoatUS Insurance company

How’d you like to come back from a stroll on shore and find this as your welcome? Click on the photo to understand the full extent of the damage.

The inside headline is “Live-Aboard Sailor’s Home Damaged By Negligent Power-Boater”

Here are the details in brief:  Courtney Kirchoff, who lives aboard s/v Libby (Islander 30 Mk II) in Puget Sound area was hit three times (not once, but three times, according to witnesses) by a negligent power-boater while at anchor in Liberty Bay near the town of Poulsbo, WA.  Fortunately, she was ashore at the time and was not injured.

The boater who hit Libby apparently left contact information on the boat, and now Courtney is in insurance-claim limbo with BoatUS.

If this were just a boating mishap it might ruin your sailing season and cost you some amount above the settlement to repair, but Courtney lives aboard.  This is her home.  How long will this take to resolve and at what cost to Courtney?  We know what it should cost her – not one dime – but the price exceeds money in terms of inconvenience and a disrupted life.  Add to this the fact that rain begins to fall in the Seattle area next month, and doesn’t stop until next July.  Where will she live?  Those breaches in her deck and coach roof aren’t going to keep out the rain no matter how many poly tarps are taped into place.

If you have any ideas of how to bring pressure on BoatUS to settle this claim quickly and fairly, please comment here, or better yet, check out Courtney’s blog and comment there too.

Let’s see if together we can get the big, wealthy insurance company to do the right thing and live up to the reputation BoatUS would have us believe about them.


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