Sunset Sail

Last night was perfect.  Ruth and I had been busy most of the day with one thing or another.  At 1930 the sky was clear and the temperature was moderate.  I walked down to the boat to lay a coat of varnish (now that it was cooler) on the companionway hatch decking, but the evening was too nice to sand and varnish.  I called Ruth’s phone and said “The sunset is going to be beautiful.  Let’s go sailing for an hour.”  She said okay and walked down to the boat minutes later.

I was almost ready by the time she got to the pier.  We cast off and eased out of the slip.  10 minutes later we were raising sail and heading NE on a gentle breeze.  1.5 knots, then 1.8.  Back to 1.5. and I adjusted course and sail trim.  1.8 again, then 2.0.  The breeze picked up slightly as we ghosted along. Now we’re making 3.5 knots.  We hear the water sounds under the bow, the boat leans slightly to port. The water is smooth except for texture patterned on the surface by the breeze.  There were several boats coming into the creek, but we were going out.  They’re missing the best part of the day.

These folks are calling it a day and heading for the marina. We’re just heading out.

Clouds, water, and boats in the east composed a watercolor tableau.  Color in the clouds is just indescribable.

Painters often pictures scenes like this (see my wife’s version).  Often a favorite for photographs, still it’s best to just be there and see it.

A couple more photos of the declining sun:

In minutes the sun will be gone

We turned on running lights and headed for the slip, finally docking about 2110 in complete darkness, save for a waxing moon and a light or two at the marina.

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