Daily Sailing

This is the view from our back door

Our house isn’t big.  About 1500 square feet, and built in the 1920s.  Newly renovated by an architect, it is sound, wholesome, well-done, and cozy.  Okay, nothing remarkable about this, really.  But – it’s on the water.  We live on water-front property on Rockhold Creek, which is 8/10s of a mile from the open Chesapeake Bay.  Our boat is moored about 75 yards from our back door.

What this means, is that we can sail every day.  Daily sailing.  Doesn’t have to be a long sail, like before when we lived in northern Virginia and commuted here on weekends.  Now we can go out for an hour. We can go out multiple times during the day and come back for meals, household projects, cooling down, warming up (depending on the season) drying off.

We still can’t believe that we live here!


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