Saturday Sail in the Rain

Sometimes you just have to go sailing, regardless of the weather (within reason).  Saturday was one of those days.  I’d spent any number of consecutive days not taking out the boat by reason of excessive heat and inadequate wind.  Saturday was breezy, cool, and wet.  Time to go.

We have had several successive days of overcast and rain, which was a great relief.  The east coast, just like the rest of the nation, has been suffering from heat and drought, and these days of wet, cool weather were very welcome.  I almost couldn’t wait to get out in the rain.  I was on the water by 1700, skimming across the bay at 5.5 knots.  There was a good breeze, but for the first half it was just right. No reef needed, all sails full and pulling, weather-helm minimal.

Once across Herring Bay near the southern arm, I hove to and went below for my camera (too rainy for it to stay topside).

Hove-to. Great day for sailing – see the sky?

I spent five minutes clicking photos all around – nothing artistic, but for documenting the weather and sailing conditions (see below).

I think this is looking due north.  The arm of land you see in the distance is the northern arm of Herring Bay.

This is the southern arm of Herring Bay.

I think this is looking southwest

After stowing the camera, I released the back-winded jib and filled in, setting off towards Rockhold Creek 3 miles west.  The rain came in gentle squalls, and I continually wiped my glasses clear.  If it hadn’t been 65 degrees, you would have thought it was a rainy day in autumn.  I was glad to wear jeans and sweatshirt today, because I was comfortable.  Shorts and tee-shirt would have been too cool.  On the opposite tack from my outbound course, the wind was forward of the beam and a bit stronger.  I rolled up about one-third of the headsail and Cay of Sea settled back down on her feet, speeds touching the low 6s, weather helm subsiding.  Just outside the creek entrance, I struck sails and motored back to the slip.  I was pretty wet by the time I put the boat away and came inside at 1845 A warm shower and pajamas prepared me for a great evening meal.

Ruth was happy to stay inside and cook on this day.  I was happy to sail in the rain.


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