VHF Extension Speaker – A Place for Everything

In my continuing efforts to de-clutter Cay of Sea’s interior living space, I’ve been looking around the saloon to identify items that needed dedicated stowage.  I’ve come up with several items that need stowing in fixed, dedicated locations, and this most recent item rose to the surface as next.

Old VHF extension speaker. Seems like the finger knobs on either side would be an obvious method of stowage, but they are rusted solid into the tapped inserts. I know, I could buy another one cheaply, but this speaker works, and I don’t have one of those special mounting brackets anyway.

I took some 1/4 inch ply and 2 x 1/4 oak stock to form the structure of the mount.  But before I built anything, I need to find a common-sense location for the mounting.  I identified this area adjacent to the radio as that space.

Note the area to the left of the radio. Also note the loose wires – actually disconnected. Because of lightning strikes in the past, I always leave the radio disconnected when I leave the boat.

A close-up of the space adjacent to the radio. Seems tailor-made for this.

The material is too thin and delicate for any mechanical fasteners, so glue and clamps was the way forward.  I used Gorilla Glue – which is probably over-kill for this application – but it’s easy to work with and the extra is easy to cut off with a carefully wielded sharp chisel.

Pieces cut and laid out

Clamped and glued in two stages.  #1…

Clamp and Glue stage #2.

Sorry about the date-time stamp on the photos.  I need to read my camera manual again to find out how to turn it off permanently.

As you can see, the ply is used for a back and mounting structure, while the oak strips form a shallow box to retain the other three sides of the speaker.

The bead of excess glue cuts off easily with a chisel.

Construction complete. Rounding off the corners and sanding surfaces, clear varnish and mounting are all that remain.

Next: Finish and Mounting.

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