May Cruise on the Chesapeake – Day 2

This day began with jackets and jeans, but finished with shorts and shirt sleeves.  Cool and damp, especially on the water, the morning gradually cleared to reveal sunshine and gentle winds.  This meant more motoring (not sailing) because we had a destination and schedule to observe.

Cool, moist start to the day on Mill Creek off the Patuxent River at Solomon’s Island

We got under way at 0930 and the day’s goal was to get south of the Potomac River – another 30-plus nautical miles by water.  Not long after entering open water, we raised sail.  The wind was SSW at about 10 knots, but after an hour or so, backed to SSE and dropped to about 5 knots – on the nose again – so we struck sail and motored for the rest of the day.   It was a calm day on the water, which was welcome after yesterday’s slog.  We saw some shipping, and commercial traffic, but the day was otherwise uneventful – except to say that it seemed to take forever to cross the mouth of the Potomac. It must be 10 -12 miles from north shore to south.

Typical shipping traffic on the Chesapeake

We finally crossed to the south side of the Potomac and entered Little Wicomico River to anchor overnight.  The cruising guide we read indicated that the entrance was tricky – but it wasn’t.  Very straightforward, really, though the depth got down to 7 feet in one place.  Once inside the entrance the depth was never less than 12 feet, and there is ample deep water throughout the river with a well-marked channel.  However, good luck trying to find an anchorage clear of crab pot floats.  There must have been thousands of them in every potential anchorage.  We finally anchored in a place we thought was relatively clear.  We found out why on the following morning (to be continued…).

Entrance to Little Wicomico River

Again we were beset by a tremendous rain storm over night that woke us with a lot of lightning and thunder.  I got up to close up the boat, then crawled (literally) back into the vee berth and fell asleep till morning.


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