Oil Lamp Heat Shield, Fiddle Bungs, and a Daysail

Oil Lamp Heat Shield

I dug through my shed and found the door kick-plate.  Happily, it’s polished brass, so will match the lamp well.  Also happily, the edges and corners were pre-drilled.  All I had to do was purchase stand-offs and fasteners.  The stand-offs were pretty straightforward.  7/16ths diameter, 1/2 inch long steel sleeves did the trick.  I got the correct fasteners on my second trip to the hardware store, because I got the wrong type of screw head on the first trip.  Yeah – story of my life.  I never get it right the first time around.  For the record, unless your material is counter-sunk, flat-head screws won’t fit flush.  I got regular round-headed screws and it looks and works much better.

I drilled mounting holes in the bulkhead for the plate, which I cut to size with my Dremel.  I experimented with sheet metal shears, but they left a distorted, slightly bent edge.  The Dremel was clean, and the rough edge was easy to smooth with sandpaper and sanding drum on my regular drill.

Now mounted on the bulkhead, it looks like this:

Oil Lamp with Heat Shield

Unanticipated benefit - reflection of lamp provides more light in the area.

Bunged Fiddles

I found the package of bungs I bought for this.  I prefer to cut my own bungs out of the same wood as the project, but I don’t have a plug cutter that size.  I think these will look okay anyway.  I varnished the bung and the bung hole and put them in (hopefully) with the grain aligned properly.  The grain of the bungs was hard to see, so I’m not sure if they are all aligned.

Bunged and curing.

I’ll trim and sand them smooth tomorrow, and varnish again

Day Sail

The day was too beautiful not to be on the water for a little while.  68 degrees and absolutely clear, deep blue sky.  Wind 5-6 knots from the East.  We eventually achieved the dizzying speed of 3.2 kts, but spent most of the time gently sailing 2.4 or so. So peaceful!

The end of our sail, we struck the sails and are preparing to motor back to the marina.

My wife tolerating having her photo taken. Actually, I beat her to the draw. See the camera in her hand?

Wow.  I got a lot done today, and worked in an afternoon sail.

  1. Jan Sopoci said:

    Nice work! The stand-offs should work as well as my drywall suggestion. I’m jealous of your lovely sail! All that lovely weather we had in March (mid-70’s) is long gone….today’s high was 46, overcast, and stiff winds from the N/NW.

      • Jan Sopoci said:

        Lake Michigan.

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