Oil Lamp Bracket

I experimented with the lamp today, as it was a little cooler than on previous days.  The outside temps are about 55 degrees f, so I would definitely notice the difference a heat source would make on a day like this.

Two things I noticed: 1) The lamp definitely heats the boat (at this modest cool temp) with no problem, and 2) I definitely need to install a heat shield on the bulkhead behind the lamp.  The radiant heat from the lamp heats up the wood adjacent the burner very quickly.

So I have a brass kick-plate for the bottom of a door that I bought long ago to repair an area of the lower head bulkhead (near the sole), that I have never installed.  The particular bulkhead is still in need of some sort of cover-up, but now I will press the kick-plate into service as a heat shield for the lamp. There should be enough brass left over for the other project also.

Brass Kick-plate

I know, it’s hard to tell what that thing is, but that’s about what the plate looks like.


  1. Jan Sopoci said:


    Maybe mount a thin section of drywall, or something under the plate, to impede heat transfer through it? Just a thought..

    • Yeah, that’s a good idea. This is something I’m going to have to look into. I just don’ t know how it is usually, and effectively done. Thanks for the idea!

      • Jan Sopoci said:

        I just figure that if you’re using the lamp for heat, it’ll be on for a while. A short period probably wouldn’t cause any problem with the brass plate, but a few hours just might. Btw, there may be something that’s a good insulator/nonflammable that could be used instead of drywall under/behind the plate.

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