Fiddles and Lamp Brackets

Too Many Fiddles

As a result of the smallest of calculation errors, I managed to fabricate four teak fiddles when I only needed one to complete a project.  I know, how does four become one, and how in the world did I calculate so poorly?  Let me show you first:

Chart table deployed

You may recall, the chart table pictured above is planned to be the new galley stove area.  This space is perfect for it.  I judged that if I only added a couple of fiddles in both the stowed position (chart table up, stove stowed behind) and the in-use position, I wouldn’t need to strap it in with bungees.  It was a perfect plan, and I went about to create the fiddles as necessary.  Today was the day to install the fiddles, so I carried the stove onto the boat, set it in place, and this is what I saw:

Stowage position, new fiddle installed. The only new one that will fit in the space.

Notice how the fiddle on the left is at the edge of the table?  Notice also that with the stove set back into the stowage area, there is no room for fiddles?  Right.  It fits perfectly, like I noticed originally. With the stove pulled out into the in-use position, there is no room for another fiddle on the right side.  It would be on the edge and hanging over.

It is no problem really.  In fact, completing the project is easier now that I only have to install the one fiddle, and modify the placement of the two original fiddles.  However, I need to use bungees to secure the stove in both positions.  This isn’t a problem either, as it only takes a few seconds to put them in place.

You can see the support under the front of the chart table.  It wasn’t sturdy enough with only the side support which you can barely see on the left protruding down under the front of the table.  This support is actually under the outboard part near the piano hinge.  It’s sturdy enough if there is no weight-bearing down on the front, but it wasn’t adequate to support the stove and any full sauce pans or skillets.  The vertical support you see in the photo makes it very sturdy.  Because the full length support from the piano hinge, there is no side movement or flex.

Well, sorry about the focus. Autofocus grabbed the front of the table instead of the stove, but you can see the bungees holding it in place.

In-use with bungees keeping the stove pressed against the aft fiddle.

And the extra fiddles?  There will be a call for them in the future.  Boats can’t have enough fiddles.

Lamp Brackets

You may recall my plans regarding cabin heat and our large trawler lamp.  I began this project on Saturday by laminating four short lengths of teak to make a board of sufficient width.  The wood was left over from a previous project.

Four lengths of teak decking into one board. Glued with thickened epoxy.

On to this board I scribed the circumference of the fuel tank, and made the circular cut.  I radiused the corners on the front end and sanded it all smooth, removing any extra epoxy and rounding over the edges.

Milled bracket and mounting stock on left.

I cut another piece of teak from a thicker board to use as a mounting block.  These were assembled with screws and glue and the holes bunged.

Bracket assembled, screw holes bunged.


Mounting side

I did test the fit, although I didn’t photograph the bracket and lamp together.  It fits perfectly.  All that remains is to trim the bungs, sand smooth, varnish and mount on the bulkhead.  Yes, that is the ubiquitous Gorilla Glue you see oozing out of the joints.  It will sand off and be invisible afterward.





  1. Jan Sopoci said:

    4 fiddles makes you the owner of a string quartet!

    • I thought of making violin jokes too, but thought I’d wait and see if someone else would!

      • Jan Sopoci said:

        I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you, LOL.

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