Engine Test Run and Chaos Abatement Program

Engine Test

With the outside of the boat finished and the water pump installed, my next step was to test-run the engine.  I provided a constant water supply by running  a garden hose into a 5 gallon bucket.  I then placed the extended water pick-up hose in the bucket as well.  I had a couple small problems starting the engine, but learned once again that success is more assured if the ground wire to the starter is connected to the battery.  Following that, I was reminded that the throttle lever is the short stick in the cockpit, not the long one…  Once I relearned which was which, and that I needed to advance the throttle for starting in cooler conditions, I had no problems with getting the engine to run.

I also found that I had to elevate the bucket by six inches so that the pump wouldn’t have to develop so much vacuum to pick up water.  The slight leak at the taped joint doesn’t do the water pump any favors either.  After that, cooling water flowed at idle and the engine ran great.

The end of the drinking water hose, which is taped to the black water pump pick-up hose, is placed into the bucket

Chaos Abatement

The interior of the boat was completely filthy with tools scattered all over, trash not thrown away, grime everywhere.  I spent much of Saturday cleaning up, carrying away trash and tools, and reorganizing lockers.  Take a look at my earlier post for photos.  Below are the ‘after’ photos.

Tools gone, deck vacuumed and cleaned

Galley all clean and ready for food prep again

Quarter berth/storage cleaned and reorganized

Companionway ladder and deck area

Starboard settee.

Port Settee

Ah, feels good to have order and cleanliness restored.  Several small projects still to complete, including installation of the new stove and new forehatch riser.

  1. Jan Sopoci said:


    She looks GREAT!!! Your blog’s turning into a real source of “inspiration” for me, in terms of what “might/could be” with my boat. A quick question…is the wood panel above the port side quarter berth a drop down nav/chart table?


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