Boot Stripes and Water Pumps

Boot Stripe Complete

With a great sigh of relief, I finished the bottom and boot stripe.  I had originally thought to paint the stripe twice, but as I looked at the weather forecast (colder, with possibility of rain) I decided one coat was enough.  And, as I looked around the boat yard, I realized that my boot stripe looked great, while all the other boats looked terrible.  Anyway, the stripe lives right next to the water and will get spoiled through out the year.  I’ll paint it again in a couple of years anyway.  Here’s a couple of photos:

Port side boot stripe

Starboard side

It’s harder to see the shine on the starboard side photo.  Also, these photos are a bit under-exposed, so it makes it difficult to see how well the paint applied.  The Pettit Easy Poxy top side paint that I used is very good stuff.  It levels out very well, obscuring most brush marks, and dries hard and shiny.

Water Pump Remount

I had a few extra minutes yesterday and decided to get the cooling system back together.  I remove the water pump and take out the impeller when I winterize the engine each fall.  I acquired new impeller and O-ring gasket for the water pump.  Not without a bit of drama, though.  Apparently I have the “English” Yanmar 2gm20f, not the ‘other’ kind (Japanese?).  The parts are slightly different between the models, so I have to ensure I get the right ones.  Zimmerman Marine, my local parts dealer, gave me the wrong O-ring, and wanted to give me the wrong impeller too.  I headed off the wrong impeller (the difference is obvious) and should have realized the O-ring would be wrong too, but didn’t find out until I tried to install it.  Not really a problem – the dealer is less than a mile from where my boat is hauled, so in ten minutes I had the correct part.

Impeller, O-ring, and lubricant for installation. Note the price on the impeller package at left. Prince has gone up and $20 from last year to this.

These get installed into the pump body (forgot to take a photo of them installed), and then the pump bolts on to the engine.

Pump body without impeller

Front of engine without pump

Front of engine with pump installed

Note in this next photo the long hose I have taped to the engine intake hose.  This hose is put into a bucket of water, constantly refilled from a hose, and lets me test run the engine on the hard.

Test run hose taped to raw water intake hose. It’s a little leaky, but it works.

One more day to connect the batteries and test the engine, and I’m ready to launch.


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