Bottom Painted

I feel like I’ve been doing this bottom project all winter, and it might never end.  However, it’s beginning to look like I’ll make my launch date of 1 April.   The bottom is painted with 3 coats of Hydrocoat – which surprises me.  I expected to cover the bottom only twice with two gallons. However, with a smooth surface to cover there is a lot less surface area to actually fill.  When the surface texture is rough, it takes more paint.  Also, I’ve never used Hydrocoat before, so I didn’t know for sure how it would apply.  So far so good.  It goes on really well, and cleans up easily too.  Much easier than using a solvent-based paint (Hydrocoat is water-based).  We’ll see how it does through the season, and I’ll report back on its performance.

I had the boat yard guys move the stands so I could sand under the pads.  I then taped and painted the first coat.  Here is a photo of the exposed stand area, and the first coat.  I’ve finished painting and pulled the tape, but you get the idea.

Only four squares of paint were left for my final sanding

Paint complete

Collateral damage is that the inside of the boat where I stored the tools during the process is a disaster area.  I can’t wait to clean this up.

You might not be able to see all the grime, dust and filth in this image - but it's there.

Galley area trashed. Can't imagine preparing food here at the moment.

Boot stripe is next.  The labor-intensive part of painting the boot stripe is taping off.  Twice (above and below).  I estimate 1.5 hours just for taping.

  1. I’m looking forward to the launch and posts about our adventures!

    • Me too. This posting eternally about bottom refinishing is getting boring for the writer as well as the reader.

  2. Jan Sopoci said:


    She’s sure looking good!!! An hour or 2 with the shop vac, dust cloth, and a couple of Hefty trash bags, and the interior will be back to “like new”, LOL.

    • You’re right, Jan. There comes a time during every project, it seems, that the boat is completely filthy, tools are everywhere, and the job seems only half-done.
      Then another day or two of work, and its all back together, with a sigh of relief.
      This job has been just like that too. I’ll feel really good when the boot stripe is done and I’ve cleared out some of the tools.

      • Jan Sopoci said:


        It sort of reminds me of when I was designing/fabricating custom metal furniture, and during the course of a large “project”, it seemed like every clamp, fixture, and tool that I owned was scattered all over the shop, and I HATED it!!!! LOL.

      • Yes, there is a lot to be said for keeping an orderly shop. I have never been able to do that. Now that my “shop” is outside beside my shed, I have to pick up and put away at the end of every day.

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