More Progress Towards Launch

First, a pre-wash and post-wash photo for Wash and Dry from 18 March.

Unwashed, water-stained Starboard view

Not exactly the same angle, but you can see the water stains are gone

Yesterday was a wash, sand, grind and re-putty day.

I washed with plain water all of the epoxy applied the day before.  This takes off the “blush.”  Not sure why it’s called blush.  It’s really just a waxy layer of material that forms when West system epoxy is fully cured.  You have to wash it off or it won’t allow more epoxy – or anything else – to stick to it.

The epoxy (darker patch) is towards the middle of the photo

I then lightly sanded all the epoxied areas so that the bottom paint would have a good grip on the surface.

The sanded epoxy is hard to distinguish from the rest of surface

Next I ground smooth and refilled the voids I had partially filled the day before.

Resurfaced and ready for refilling

Wetted out and refilled

Ready to fill again

This will bring the fill out to above the adjacent surface. Sanding will level it with the surrounding surface.

There were several other places that were sanded and refilled, but I won’t post those – I might be stretching the limits of your tolerance with this many photos of sanding and filling already.

Next post: Washing, sanding level, and taping (masking) for bottom paint.



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