Wash and Dry

Not much to report today, though I worked for quite a while.  I would have taken a photo of my progress, but honestly, it doesn’t look like much.  I washed the boat…

This was a necessary prelude to painting the bottom and boot stripe.  Prior to washing, I sanded the boot stripe with 100 and 150 to ensure a good surface, and washed all the paint residue off.

For the bottom, I just used JOY dish soap.  For the topsides I used Mary Kate On and Off.

This is the stuff

I don’t know what is in it, but it’s irritating to get on your skin.  And don’t even think about getting it in your eyes.  Wear safety glasses and gloves.  You’ll still get some on your skin anyway because it’s impossible to wash a boat on jackstands without having water and soap run down your arms.

Does it work?  Yes, very well.  I like the regular liquid formula better than the gel, which is pictured above.  For some reason, I think the liquid is more effective.  Maybe it’s just my imagination.  Some prefer the gel because it will stay on a vertical surface rather than running off like the liquid.  I’ve used both, but I didn’t have any trouble with the liquid.

It removes all stains.  Period.  All water stains (you know, the yellow, tannish stains on your bow at the waterline?), black streaks from fenders, pollution, accumulated grime from wintering over in the yard. It even removes diesel soot from the transom (this requires multiple applications for a thorough job).

I works well for gelcoat, and paint.  My hull is Awlgripped and it works fine.  Doesn’t seem to hurt the shine or finish, and I’ve used for at least 4 years.  Okay – commercial’s over!

Honestly though, it’s nice to find a product that works this well.


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