Life on the Water

Sunset across the creek

My life has been lived around water.  I grew up in Florida on lake-front property, and my life’s work has almost always been in coastal cities and towns.  I’ve used boats and played in or on the water all my life.  I’m never tired of water views or water-borne activity.

I’ve owned sailboats since 1992, played and fished in my father’s boats in childhood, and always enjoy the fun, exhilaration, and sense of peace afforded by traveling, floating, drifting on the water.

Now ‘serendipitously’ I’ve realized a dream come true: we live on the water with my boat in my “back yard.”  We knew we were moving to Southern Maryland (from Fairfax, Virginia) upon my retirement from the Navy last summer.  We sent out a few feelers for property to rent, and God provided this wonderful cottage on Rockhold Creek.  We have direct access to Chesapeake Bay from our marina, which is in our back yard.  We drink in the views every day and marvel at the goodness of God Who loves to bless us.  He gives us the desires of our hearts, even when we’ve forgotten what they were.

  1. brian gallaher said:

    Nice pics! I love the water.

  2. Great picture and great people. I have had the pleasure to meet the owners and sail with and on Cay of Sea. Life is always more rewarding when you can share it with such people and such a fine sailboat.

    • Thanks for the nice comments! We enjoyed our time with you guys!

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